was founded by filmmakers Giovanni Igneri and Peter Engert and is dedicated to the Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy genres in film / televison, publishing and animation.

Carpathia Entertainment

We are always interested in collaborating with other talented individuals and production companies, but please don't take this as a license to send us any unsolicited material of any kind. Anything of the sort will be discarded immediately for legal reasons. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: info@carpathiaentertainment.com

Peter Engert

In 1998, Peter Engert found it much easier to move to the United States, learn English and study Film Production at Ai's Miami International University of Art & Design, instead of continuing to pursue his craft in post-communist Hungary. But after studying for a year and not feeling that the Film program was giving him enough real world instruction, he decided to withdraw and continue his pursuit of a film career on his own. He took seminars, made contacts and continued to hone his writing skills by completing several screenplays.

Then in 2005, Engert managed to raise money for his first feature film, The Valley of Tears. All in all, his directorial debut was a well received independent film with a strong message and was later sold to Sony Pictures.

In June 2009 Engert completed the financing for his second film, Loving the Bad Man, starring Stephen Baldwin, Christine Kelly, Antoni Corone and Arturo Fernandez which premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival and was released in 2012.  Later in 2009 Engert was hired 3 days before principal photography to direct the post-apocalyptic film Aftermath starring C.J. Thomason, Edward Furlong, Monica Keena and Andre Royo, which is getting a theatrical release the summer of 2014.

Giovanni Igneri

Giovanni Igneri is a filmmaker and actor, but mainly a screenwriter and novelist. While he enjoys writing in all genres, his main areas of expertise are thrillers, horror, science fiction and fantasy.

In 2000 he was studying Criminal Justice in college, with the intent of becoming a Police Officer and eventually a Special Agent with the FBI. After 2 years in college, he lost interest in a life dedicated to law enforcement and decided to embrace his creative side, which he had been trying to forget about for several years. He eventually went to film school and received a Bachelor's degree in Film Production in 2005. This is where he met long time friend and writing partner Peter Engert. Several years later this would lead to Igneri and Engert forming Carpathia Entertainment.

Igneri is currently preparing for his directorial debut, which is scheduled for 2015.

Chris Tasara


Chris’s film Deadline (www.deadline-themovie.com) aired on Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon, and AT&T video on demand in spring/summer of 2013 and hit the foreign market in the spring of 2014.


Deadline, a supernatural crime thriller that Chris also wrote, netted him thirteen awards from the California Film Awards (where the Deadline screenplay won a Diamond award), the L.A. Movie Awards, the Lucerne International Film Festival, and the L.A. Cinema Fest of Hollywood among others. The film was an official selection in the 2012 Fright Night Film Fest and the 2012 Indie Horror Film Fest, where it was nominated for Best Director, Best Feature, Best Leading Actress, and Best Cinematography.


Chris is attached as director to three new films. The Match-Up, being produced by Invictus Films, is the story of 1920’s heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey’s title fight with French war hero Georges Carpentier. Face Value, also from Invictus, is about an up and coming boxer’s rocky road to the top. Fangs, being produced by Big House Pictures, is a vigilante-style, animal-themed horror movie.


Chris scored half of Deadline and won Best Original Score from the LA Cinema Fest of Hollywood. His music was also featured on the Nickelodeon show Victorious and in the upcoming films American Girls (starring Bai Ling), Gold Rush, The Match-Up, Fangs, Face Value, Serenidad, Huntingdon, Rendezvous, and Conflicting Interests.


Chris’ previous work includes a music video for Atlantic Records and Fortitude and Glory (www.fortitudeandglory.com), a boxing documentary on the late, great boxing guru Angelo Dundee, featuring interviews with two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman and world famous trainer Freddie Roach. Fortitude won the Gold Remi Award for Best Sports Documentary from Houston Worldfest.


Chris holds a Master’s degree in Film from the University of Miami.  Before getting his start in directing, Chris did talent work for Pepsi and Heineken, runway work for Nike, and print work for Men’s Exercise and various fitness companies.