THE SHOW (2015) - Feature Film (announced)                         

An FBI Special Agent investigates a mysterious website that is holding a 10 Million dollar worldwide contest for the most brutal and creative murder caught on video.

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THE HORROR SHOW (2015) - Feature Film (announced

When a group of aspiring horror film directors get picked to appear on a new horror themed reality game show, hosted by an infamous aging horror director, they realize that "The Horror Show" isn’t really a show at all. 

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FLESH & FLOWERS (????) - Feature Film (in development)

After a Young Woman receives a mysterious letter detailing her inheritance of a mansion in her ancestral homeland of Romania, she takes a trip to investigate. Once there, she is faced with horrific secrets and a supposed age old curse on her family.

PATERNOSTER (????) - Feature Film (in development)

When a Nurse with a tragic past starts a new job at a prominent European Hospital, she accidentally finds an old "Paternoster Elevator" shaft that leads to the abandoned lowest level of the original building. Without realizing it, she has stumbled onto dark secrets that are somehow mysteriously connected to her tragic past, which she thought had been buried long ago. 

LURID NOVEMBER (????) - Feature Film (in development)

Only days away from the ten year anniversary of a string of serial murders left unsolved back in the seventies, a young couple on vacation come across a group of desperate drifters, whose leader seems to hold some kind of strange devotion to the unsolved murders all those years ago.