Carpathia Ink Is All About Publishing

The Voyage is an epic poem of horror and fantasy, told in seven parts, with over 240 stanzas. It was written by Giovanni Igneri and was inspired by someone he once knew and the experiences he had whilst knowing them. While The Voyage will not be a comic book or graphic novel, it will feature vivid artwork similar to the style of Boris Vallejo when published. Please check back for updates. Here's a sample...


The mission of Carpathia Ink is to publish vivid stories in the thriller, horror, fantasy and science fiction genres in the format of novels, short story collections, comic books and graphic novels.


DEAD END  - Comic Book series (in development)

A super soldier afflicted with the zombie virus, fights for truth, justice and freedom for the United Crimson States, the successor of the fallen U.S., in a reborn Earth.

THE HORROR SHOW - Graphic Novel (in development)

When a group of aspiring horror film directors get picked to appear on a new horror themed reality game show, hosted by an infamous aging horror director, they realize that "The Horror Show" isn’t really a show at all. 

THE RECKONERS - Graphic Novel (in development)

An alcoholic Priest, a prohibition era Gangster, a Nazi Super Soldier, a Samurai Warrior and a Carthaginian Gladiator are pulled from different time periods to fight for the Architect of the Universe known only as “The One”, against the Antichrist and his minions.

AKIRO THE NINJA - Graphic Novel (in development)

A Ninja tracks his latest quarry only to find out that he is a fellow ninja and  a powerful sorcerer. He must pursue his target through different dimensions; fight his way through Legions of Demons, Undead, Giant Snakes and Androids before facing this Ninja in one last fight to the death.

POST MORTEM - Graphic Novel (in development)

Four members of a secret elite military organization known as Black Eagle travel from New Jersey to New York City through an endless horde of zombies to find a trapped scientist who may have the answers for a cure.

The Voyage